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Agritourism in the Carpathian mountain region

First Agritourism World Congress Bolzano, 2018 November

Agritourism in the Carpathian mountain region

The First Agritourism World Congress was held in November 2018 in Italy, Bolzano in which Humtour took an active part. The relevant issues and challenges of agritourism in the Carpathian region have been discussed in two sessions devoted to “The Role of local products in agritourism: a Carpathian approach for sustainable rural areas”.

The discussion focused on: branding and marketing, cooperation, development, agriproducts and food, handworks and small -scale industrial products, environment and social dimensions and trends and foresight and the role of women in agritourism.

The selected topics were identified by local handicraft entrepreneurs and rural tourism actors during the four ecotourism workshops, held in 2017 in the frame of the project “CARPATHIAN TOURISM: Cooperation of V4 Countries”.

In order to address sustainable development challenges jointly, the countries of the region have become parties to the Carpathian Convention (CC) – a regional treaty, which supports cooperation on protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians.

Some of the identified needs by the parties in this field include:  strengthening cooperation between the Carpathian farmers, exchange of best practices and strengthening farmers’ associations, as well as strengthening the development and common presentation of local products.