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Colorful medley in Orfű,
a pittoresque village

Visit the home of the Bear’s Garlic Festival and Fishing on Orfű Music Festival. We have put together an exciting program where everyone will find something to suit them, whether it is an active recreation, a handicrafts workshop or a gastronomic experience.

The elements of team building can be varied according to the needs that arise. The colorful palette of activities allows you to tailor your programs to the needs of your team and company.

1 or 2 nights / 2 or 3 days


Accommodation: Cosy guesthouse in Orfű offers three-star rooms and apartments in the picturesque Mecsek Valley, in a protected area of the village. The pension has undergone a complete transformation in 2019 and awaits guests in 2020 with renovated rooms and apartments.

Catering: The guesthouse’s bistro offers a restaurant service based on organic vegetables and local produce, with a unique gastronomic offer.

Optional programmes that can be booked upon request:

Programs in Orfű

Coach or carriage rides: The participants can challenge themselves in riding a carriage.

Visit the unique Orfű Mill Museum. A unique mill complex on the soft lap of the forest. Eco-picnic in the mill yard, cauldron-style cooking competition, accompanied with live music.

Handicrafts programs in the mill museum yard: making individual straw sculptures in teams (later used for corporate marketing purposes), paper dipping, grinding, kneading, screen printing, basket weaving, bread baking, etc.


Special gastronomic programs

Wild plant cooking workshop: chemical free, local and homemade ingredients. The team uses seasonal fruits, vegetables, weeds, flowers, forest mushrooms that are just ripening or preserved without preservatives for the winter. They offer traditional and trendy dishes: buckwheat porcini soup, bear’s garlic bread, mushroom ratatouille and weed salad, blackberry marmalade and honey blackthorn.

Drinks will include fresh delicacies from fruits, homemade syrups, herbal teas, astounding but delicious green smoothies – even nettle. Certainly there will be no plastic cups on the table, we use mugs and plates that have been ’abandoned’ by others.

Pálinka Academy with Edit Krizl Master of Pálinka (Hungarian fruit ’brandy’), international pálinka certifier. A taste of the excellence of the Brill Brandy House and a 2 hour interesting presentation on the subject of the pálinka culture.

Wine University with Tibor Gonda senior lecturer. The specialties of Southern Transdanubia, great wines of small wineries of the Pannon Wine Region (Szekszárd, Villány, Pécs and Tolna wine regions). 10-item wine tasting with unlimited wine consumption.

Bread making workshop with the local guerrilla baker who knows the secrets of baking the perfect bread and will share these secrets with participants of the workshop. Guests will have the chance to bake 5-6 different types of bread, to taste a rustic muffin or to prepare a huge langallós (Hungarian flatbread) with onion and sour cream. The programme can be scheduled for before lunch or dinner and larger quantities could be prepared.

Outdoor activities

Mecseknádasd wine route with horse-drawn carriage rides, playful group activities, lunch or dinner, live music.

Bicycle tour, rolling down from the Hermit’s Meadow on two wheels to Lake Pécs.

Dragon boat and SUP competition on Lake Pécs.

Caving in overalls because the cold cannot stop us! It is usually 14-18 Celsius degrees in the caves. It is truly an adventure, solely for the brave ones! The size of the group is a maximum of 10-12 people. Speleologists of Orfű will provide you with the necessary equipment and with an expert team.

Mecsextrém Park. The adventure park is located 18 km from Orfű and offers cableways of varying difficulty.

Hiking to Kovácsszénája. Exploring the almost extinct village. The village is set in a magnificent valley, with two fishing lakes completing its beauty.

In case of bad weather, participants can relax at the thermal bath in Magyarhertelend that is only 6 km from the pension in Orfű.

Night bathing in Harkány

Programs in Pécs: wandering in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, puppet show for adults, lunch at the Zsolnay Restaurant, evening dinner with live concert. 

The programmes might alter depending on the dates.

The price of the team building is calculated after having discussed the specific services and programmes that are to be included.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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