An adventurous team building programme in the Őrség region

An exciting team building experience in Hungary’s Őrség region

2 nights, 3 days
min. 6 participants 

The perfect recreation in the untouched nature, far from the city noises. The region Őrség is the ideal destination for an exciting team building experience in Hungary if you are interested in traditional folk culture, gastronomic adventures and nature. Our trip will take you to people who are dedicated to preserving local natural values and who are living their lives with such values in mind.

How is the training programme built up?

After arrival we present you the locations of various activities and the people who will be leading the programmes. All programmes are led by local stakeholders. During the activities we will explore and discuss societal and environmental issues, problems and their solutions.


A) In the rooms and apartments of the 3-star Őrség Patakpart Alpaca Farm and Pension. The Pension has 11 rooms with separate bathrooms, television, Wifi, but you can also opt for other sleeping facilities.  A unique offer is the Treehouse which is built on the crown of trees. It is in a charming and idyllic environment besides a creek and the forest without any neighbours. The accommodation is ideal for those who want to escape the buzz of the city: every room has a window looking down at the lake in the garden, thus it is tranquil and peaceful. The benches, tables, hammocks and porch swings ensure that your stay is fully relaxing.

B) In a 4-star hotel in Szentgotthárd with wellness facilities.


Full board with bio and local products. At the Pension you will have the opportunity to taste various special honey products (for instance honey with seeds, pastry with honey, honey pálinka, soft drinks made from honey) straight from Vadvirág Méhes és Gyógyítókert (Wildflower Bee and Remedy Garden) from Orfalu. During the programme you can also stock up on home-made jams, syrups, honey, herbs, tea and infusions.

Day 1

10:00 – 14:00 Arriving to Kisrákos. Check-in, welcome drinks, sandwich lunch and getting to know each other!

14:00 Carriage ride at the nearby alpaca farm where participants can challenge themselves to ride the carriage. Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) is a domesticated South American camelid that is famous for its extraordinarily fluffy fiber. Katalin and her family have made up their minds a couple of years ago and decided to start breeding alpacas! The family runs the Őrség Patakpart Alpaca Farm 3 kilometers from the Pension.


16:00 Visiting an essential oils distillery. Norbert Kiss uses hand-made Portuguese copper distiller devices with hundreds years old traditional distillery technique. For water steaming Norbert uses pure and drinkable spring-water. For the essential oils and hidrolats he only uses organically cultivated and collected flowers and plants.

18:00- Goulash dinner with poppy-seed strudel. Participants will also have the chance to taste the products of the local pálinka distillery.

Day 2

9:00 Breakfast: local specialties (aubergine dip, Liptauer with pumpkin seed oil, freshly baked bread from the furnace, home-made strudel.

10:00 Electric bike tour from Őriszentpéter, navigating with the help of maps and GPS applications (distance: 25 km).

The tour rides through the region inhabited by potters, so-called gerencsérs.

Route: Bajánsenye – Magyarszombatfa – Velemér – Szentgyörgyvölgy – Magyarföld – Kerkáskápolna – Bajánsenye.

Sights to see: Bajánsenye: reformed church, local history collection; Magyarszombatfa: Őrség Hunting Exhibition, potters’ house and workshop, belfry in Gödörháza; Velemér: Holy Trinity church, Habán ceramics workshop; Szentgyörgyvölgy: reformed church, Csótár Rezső’s pottery workshop; Magyarföld: wooden church, belfry; Kerkáskápolna: Avas family’s chapel.

(If requested, a tour guide of the Őrség National Park can join the group.)

Sandwich lunch on the road from packages prepared by our hosts.

18:00 Returning to the pension.

19:00 Dinner with recipes from Vendvidék and Vas county.


Day 3


10:00-12:30 Our exciting team building adventure continues with a free creative handicrafts programme: learning the secrets of traditional Hungarian pottery and ceramics.

In the Őrség region, pottery has a far-reaching tradition. The soil is rich in clay which facilitated the spread of pottery in the region. In several families, craftsmanship was passed on from parent to child. During the workshop we provide participants with all the necessary raw material, equipment, paint, brushes and glaze.

You will also have the chance to use the electric potter’s wheel and to paint and decorate the products you prepared.

13:00 Fine dining lunch at a restaurant in Őriszentpéter, a modern gastronomic and cultural pilgrimage destination. Pajta Bistro builds primarily on the values and products of the region and elevates them to an even higher quality.

15:00 On your way back, you will check out the animals living on Ferencz porta (80-90 cattle, 10 goats, 6-8 sheep, 10-15 Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, poultry and rabbits).

Other optional programmes:

  • Visiting the buffalo reservoir,
  • The Secret Life of Bees: the programme includes a presentation on life in a beehive, on honey-making and on the health benefits of honey products. Furthermore, participants will have the chance to taste honey pálinka, various types of honey, pastries and soft drinks made with honey. (During the presentation, participants will have to wear protective suits and helmets.)
  • Wild plants and herbs in gastronomy: cooking course after having collected the ingredients.

The programmes included in the offer are optional and can be discussed based on group needs and preferences to make your team building excperience in Hungary as exciting or relaxing as you prefer.

The price of the teambuilding is calculated after having discussed the specific services and programmes that are to be included.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Ágnes Szabó-Diószeghy

+36 70 419 0333  
+36 30 383 3721

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