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Team Buildings

Our programmes are creating new situations and with this, new experiences, by leading the team to an unknown environment.

Our programmes are based on the ancient teachings of nature. Outdoor trainings provide participants with more intense and memorable experiences because they are based on direct personal experiences. When processing such memories, the brain automatically connects them to company situations.

Learning processes are more efficient outside the comfort zone. It improves basic competencies and motivation. Helps the participants to get to know each other better. Our team building programmes are based on interaction, playfulness and exploration in the tranquil countryside.

The programmes aim to present unique local traditions and wildlife while lead participants through gastronomic adventures.

During the preparation phase we personalize the programs in cooperation with the HR colleagues based on the company values and operation.

Types of programmes




Farm visits


Environment - flora and fauna


Handicraft programmes


Gastronomic adventures



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Insitute of Technology Zürich

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