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Discover the picturesque setting of the Őrség

Village tour in the Őrség National Park

Őrség is the ideal place for recreation; it is in the unspoilt nature, far from the hustle and bustle of cities. The national park offers you the experience of traditional folk culture, nature and the gastronomy. Our tours take us to people, who are solicitous for protecting the local values of nature and manage their lives accordingly.


Humtour offers various rural activities through community-based and sustainable touristic programs. Our programmes are built on the active participation of our guests through playful events and adventures while some time is also dedicated for relaxation in the Hungarian countryside.

Our tours take You to the most beautiful places of Hungary, represent its gastronomy, traditions and culture.

Our programmes are creating new situations and with this, new experiences, by leading the team to an unknown environment.

Protecting the environment, helping the life of endangered animals by hard-working hands, active holiday and meanwhile: building the team and the community.

Would You like to discover a part of Hungary, the culture and the gastronomy? – Tell Us the place and We will give you the adventure!


Customers' reviews

"If you love nature this is definitely a good option for you to enjoy the song of the birds, to find hidden uninhabited small islands or just to swim in the pleasant water. Everything was well organized. Well done and thank you Humtour!"
2018, Tripadvisor
"We had an amazing time with Humtour. Right from arranging the event to the hospitality. They took us kayaking. And it was an insane experience. I kayak regularly, but have never done it in a hot spring. They showed us one side of Hungary, I really wanted to see! The beauty of this national forest was breathtaking. The service was really complete. We had nothing to worry about, it was all taken care of. "
Adarsh ML
2018, Facebook
"I did this great trip beginning at Tiszabábolna together with a group of friends and we enjoyed the atmospheric accommodation in carefully renovated countryside houses as well as the astonishing nature experience Lake Tisza has to offer! Thanks again for the Humtour team for organizing this tour for us!"
2017, Tripadvisor

We went on an adventure with

Insitute of Technology Zürich

“Future for them too” Foundation, JNI

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