About Humtour

Core Values

Gourmet programmes and impactful travel experiences around the unspoilt Hungarian countryside.

Humtour LLC offers various rural activities including gastronomic adventures, the presentation of unique local traditions and  rural wildlife through community-based and sustainable touristic programs. Our programmes are built on the active participation of our guests through playful events and adventures while some time is also dedicated for relaxation in the Hungarian countryside.

At Humtour, we believe that one can only get to know a country’s culture through lively and active adventures and experiences.  We believe that the negative effects of tourism can be minimized and that the advantages of ecotourism can outweigh the negative ones. It can help to preserve traditions, raise awareness of the values of the natural environment and hence can increase people’s consciousness of the visited area.

Join us if you are tempted to be part of wool processing workshops, discover the work of glass-blower manufacturers, the secrets of beekeeping or if you just want to participate in our wine and cheesemaking workshops or go for a ride with a horse carriage!   

Key activities

Humtour Rural Adventures offers

Team buildings


1-3 days village tours
with validated local guides

School trips

CSR traveling


Incentive rural adventures​

Personalized support


Family days around the Hungarian countryside

During Humtour’s village tours our guests can choose to stay overnight in eco guesthouses, green hotels, on an alpaca farm, in lodging houses or they can also opt for homestay. Travelers can taste traditional food and drinks, participate in programmes demonstrating local livelihoods, traditions, handicrafts and can get acquainted with the surrounding natural environment.

The Humtour Team


Ágnes Szabó-Diószeghy

Humtour LLC was founded by Ágnes Szabó-Diószeghy whose focus is on helping and supporting rural communities. She has spent 5 years traveling and working in community and rural development programmes abroad (Spain, Greece, Venezuela, and Austria). Her Humtour Project was selected to be part of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. After finishing the 6-months accelerator program in Vienna under the support and supervision of Co.systems Consulting GmbH and the UN Environment – Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention, Humtour itself became a Limited Liability Company in 2017.

She recounts her inspirations and the birth of Humtour as follows:

“I lived in Spain for three years where I was selling paintings and bracelets on the streets, worked as a waitress and lifeguard and then attended a university programme on social work. I also worked as a volunteer together with children living with down syndrome and with underage criminal offenders. I moved back to Hungary in 2008 where I continued my university studies, worked at the Cervantes Institute, at various NGOs, organized numerous projects including theatre camps, puppet shows, screenings of documentaries, and worked as a Spanish translator and volunteer. I spent a couple of months in Venezuela with volunteering with underprivileged children, then I lived in Crete where I worked on a beekeeping farm and on local tourism for a year. I first started developing Humtour as a project in 2012.”

Mátyás Szabó

Economist and Ph.d. in rural development, working in this field on several level (Local Action Group, Regional, Central-National and EU) in the implementation and planning. Lecturer of the Corvinus University Budapest. Expert of project and time management. Worked with several grant and spent 1 year in Bonn, Germany in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Has the aim to make as more complex development as possible in the rural areas.

Nóra Barta

Nóra was born in Budapest, graduated as an economist. She always loved to travel, and lived abroad for shorter periods in the US, Thailand, France and Portugal. She speaks three languages, and later obtained a tour guide diploma as well. She is a lover of nature since childhood, but she started to see the huge gap between city and countryside only after she came back from volunteering on organic farms across Southern France in 2013. Her aim is to return to nature, slow living, natural values in this fast paced world. At Humtour she works as a tour guide, helps with organizing and other operative tasks.

How we got our name

Humtour comes from  “Humanitarian tourism”. The name and the idea of Humtour first came up in Venezuela when Ágnes was working in a volunteer program and during later travel adventures which gave her the chance to get to know the local people, culture, and the history of her destination. This has become the mission of Humtour LLC as well: it aims to provide first-hand and unique experiences for its tourists who want to have a deeper understanding of their travel destinations.