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Carpathian Rural Tourism

The project lead partner is the Humtour LLC. Its village tours highlight the surrounding nature and offer guests a chance to engage with local communities. The company visits the international tourism fairs and it has strong connections both to the inbound and outbound tourism sectors. It has experiences in integration of rural tourism actors along thematic routes, in addition joint media cooperation, and image films. It is one of the organizers of the Special Session on local product on the 1st Agritourism Conference in November 2018, Bolzano.


Our partner from Poland is the Stowarzyszenie Ekopsychologia

The Ecopsychology Association was founded in 2003 by a group of social psychologists. The Association aims to initiate, implement and promote activities for environmental protection and social responsibility to build natural heritage with particular emphasis on shaping the attitudes and activities of civil society development. Our organisation was one of the partners in the project INRUTOU – Innovation in Rural Tourism (http://inrutou.eu/) and gathered experience in various fields relevant to the current project. Additionally, we cooperate with approximately 70 institutions and organizations in the Carpathians and we contributed also to the previous project of the CARPATHIAN TOURISM.

Websites: www.ekopsychologia.pl



Partner from Slovakia is the Art and Craft Association of Stiavnica Civil

The organization has a wide range of experiences on local heritage preservation: promotion of the cultural heritage and of traditional knowledge of the local people, crafting and marketing of local goods, arts and handicrafts. The association is able to contact artist in the field of crafts/techniques from the traditional bobbin lace, wool felting, needle felting, to the basketry and traditional pottery and it can bring its knowledge to the project workshop about the promotion of local heritage and usage in the tourism. This organization had already cooperated in the previous CARPATHIAN TOURISM project, and they are committed to continue with follow up, V4+ project and sustain the cooperation within this professional network.

Website: http://umenievstiavnici.wixsite.com/home


Partner is Serbia: Homeland Museum of Knjаževаc

Previous cooperation with project partner: The Museum has a significant role in presentation and promotion of the Knjazevac region, its reach cultural heritage and cultural tourism potentials. The institute has implemented several projects addressed promotion, interpretation and presentation of cultural heritage and use of cultural tourism, such as projects dedicated to development of educational tourism supported by UNICEF through the MDGF, summer shool of traditional crafts supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, and project for development of social entrepreneurship as a model for preservation of intangible heritage. The Museum developed partnerships with local stakeholders in rural tourism, private sector and different non-govermental associations as well as cultural, touristical institutions, whic network can be beneficial for the project dissemination and to the know-how transfer.



Partner in Romania is the Brasov County Council

Brasov County has the role of integrator supporting 58 territorial units, centers of tourism, NGO’s, associations and businesses in the field of tourism and development. The County is highly experienced in the promotion of handicraft entrepreneurs, local producers, ecotourism organization which represent high added value to the project. From the perspective of national and international role, Brasov county represent an asset to this project as in Brasov it have the Common Sustainable Tourism Platform under the Carpathian Convention, the national CSTP – Center Romania, which in the period 2018-2020 coordinates the implementation of the Carpathian Convention’s Protocol on Sustainable Tourism and its Strategy, therefore could be a source of experiences on the field of sustainable tourism and local development, and a source for a large network where to promote the project and its results.



Partner in Serbia: Vavel – tourism business

The organization was established in 2011 and since then it is acting as an iportant actor in nature protection and sustainable development. The organization has implemented different sustainable tourim projects in the Danube- Carpathian and Balkan Region. It manages the project “Serbia UNDISCOVERED” – with focus to establish sustainable tourism activites on remote areas in Serbia. The company cooperates with different scientific institutes and public bodies including ministries and it has good connection to the regional organizations, to the NGOs and to the local communites nearby. Vavel is an active member of the Serbian tourism network that can serve the dissemination of the project. The partner based on its experiences is ideal to provide expertise on the project management workshop implementation and handbook development.