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Flavours and Crafts of the Őrség – September 17-19, 2021

The perfect recreation in the unspoilt nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

From essential oil distilleries, oil mills and blacksmiths, to ‘dödölle‘ and ‘Vasi pecsenye‘, the Őrség offers a wealth of traditional folk culture, landscape and gastronomy to be discovered on two wheels and on foot.

Flavours and Crafts of the Őrség – September 17-19, 2021

Registrations are closed for this event


Day 1 – Friday

Arrival at the Nádkunyhó Guesthouse in Hegyhátszentjakab, welcome drink.

Visit to an essential oil distillery – at 6pm we step through the gates of space and time and we arrive at a real medieval alchemist’s workshop where they distil essential oil for us.
Optional program: Laos spa session at the essential oil distillery.

Traditional cauldron “bogrács” dinner and home-cooked meal at the lodging, sampling the products of a nearby pálinka (a very strong Hungarian brandy speciality) distillery, getting to know each other.

Day 2 – Saturday

Breakfast: local specialities (eggplant cream, oven-baked bread, home-made strudel).

Bicycle tour in the Őrség National Park, on traditional bicycles or optionally on E-bike.
Distance: 20 km.

Departure from Hegyhátszentjakab, visit to the Szőce marsh, then we follow the route through Felsőjánosfa to Szaknyér, in the valley next to an old bath, surrounded by forests.

Picnic lunch with locally produced ingredients and traditional local specialities.
Coffee in the wilderness

Arrival back at the guesthouse.
In the afternoon, an optional swim in Lake Vadása and ice cream.

Barbecue dinner at the lodging.

There is once again the opportunity to use the herbal steam bath, also known as the Laos spa, at the essential oil distillery in the evening.

Day 3 – Sunday

After breakfast, we depart by car to Őriszentpéter.

Free creative handicraft program: learn the skills of leatherworking and blacksmithing. In the Őrség, folk traditions, that have long been forgotten elsewhere, are still alive.

In the Őrség there is a long tradition of ancient craftsmanship techniques. Our hosts preserve and keep alive many of these traditions. The knives from the husband’s smithy are beautifully complemented by the ornamented leather cases his wife makes for them. 

Our ancestors made use of every part of the wild animals they hunted or the livestock they slaughtered, including the skin. It was used by craftsmen, always adapting to the changing times, to make items for everyday life – clothing, footwear, bags, harness and other leather goods. We will learn about the skills of the leatherworker and decorator, using natural materials (deer and cow hides). You can make a bracelet, earrings or a braided necklace to wear your own forged pendant on.

While half of the group learns leatherworking skills, the other half can take part in a hands-on blacksmithing experience at the smithy in Siskaszer. What can we make? Small lucky horseshoes, arrowheads, small sabres etc., but we can also make our own copper jewellery (rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings)! Medieval, Viking and Celtic music will be playing in the background, to help you immerse yourself in your work.

Our guest table for lunch will be in Szalafő, in a home restaurant, which is a modern gastronomic and cultural destination.

After lunch, we visit the pumpkin seed oil mill in Szalafő, and observe the traditional oil pressing technique at the Batha house. Everyone can sample the oils pressed using traditional cold-pressing techniques (pumpkin seed oil, apricot seed oil, rosehip seed oil, linseed oil, poppy seed oil, thistle oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil).

Price of the program: 59 800 HUF

The price includes:
  • accommodation in double rooms at the Nádkunyhó Guesthouse in Hegyhátszentjakab (3-4 people arriving together can be accommodated by arrangement and extra bed is possible),

  • welcome drink,

  • two special lunches, two breakfasts, two barbecue dinners,

  • blacksmithing workshop,

  • visit to the essential oil distillery,

  • leatherworking workshop,

  • bicycle tour (with normal bicycles, E-bike available at extra charge)

  • visit to the pumpkin seed oil mill,

  • guided tour (expert guide).

Children price (from 3 to 12 years): 42 700 HUF

Children above the age of 12: full price.

The program starts with a minimum of 12 participants.


We can accommodate 14-16 people at the shared lodging. If the guesthouse is full, you can book a room at 3 alternative accommodations in the area (recommendations and links will be sent). In the case of independent accomodation the adult participation fee is 50 800 HUF, the children’s fee is 37 700 HUF.

Registration and payment

You can register for this tour by sending an email to info@humtour.com or by clicking on the button below. Our team will check your registration and within 48 hours we will send you an email to confirm your booking and arrange the exact time and place of departure. Once your booking has been confirmed, you can pay for the tour by bank transfer.

Flavours and Crafts of the Őrség – September 17-19, 2021

Registrations are closed for this event

We look forward to welcoming you on our tour!

The Humtour Team

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