Gourmet adventure: Cheesemaking workshop and traditional Hungarian lunch on an old farm – 5 June 2021

On this gastro trip on 5 June we will have the opportunity to make our own cheese in the modern cheesemaking factory of an old farm, and we will taste delicious local flavours in a substantial traditional lunch.

The program includes the following:

➢ Guided tour on the farm – curiosities about the functioning of the farm, farming, meat packing and dairy processing, visiting the cheesemaking factory.

Orondpuszta is a farm located just outside Csákberény, at the foot of the Vértes Hills. The Orond farm focuses mainly on raising Hungarian Fleckvieh cows and on dairy processing. Their main speciality is the Gomolya cheese which we can make with various flavours.

Moreover, ripened cheese, ham, bacon, salami, sausage, liverwurst, pork sausages and chitterlings, homemade frankfurter and other delicacies are made at the farm and offered for sale. Besides the cows ponies, goats, horses are running around on the farm and are excited to see the children turn up.

➢ Making cheese together in the cheesemaker factory with the help of the fromager (max. 6 persons at the same time). Everybody makes 25-30 dkg cheese to his or her taste which can be brought back home at the end of the day.

➢ 3-course substantial lunch with alternative options (main course – oven roasted piglet, pork sausages and chitterlings, Hungarian beef paprika stew; Kürtöskalács (chimney-formed cake) roasted over charcoal). The hosts offer juices, sparkling water and wine with the lunch.

Meeting point will be in the town of Csákberény. 
The programme includes cheesemaking, cheese tasting, visiting the farm,  meal made in oven, juice and must.

Fee of the programme: 

HUF 16 000 / person to be paid via bank transfer ahead

The programme is free until the age of 3, HUF 10 000 / person until the age of 12.

If you want to participate in the tour send us an e-mail to info@humtour.com or use the form below.

Gourmet adventure: Cheesemaking workshop and traditional Hungarian lunch on an old farm – 5 June 2021

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