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Mountain scooter tour in the Bükk National Park

The Bükk National Park, where our mountain adventure leads us, is situated in the Bükk, Hungary’s highest mountain range – at least in terms of average height. Some of the of the many hundreds of caves and hollows in the range’s karst system are of great scientific interest as primitive archaeological remains. The forest extends as far as the eye can see, 97 per cent of the central part of the range is wooded.

Program options:

  1. GPS Adventure Tour

With the help of GPS and maps you need to find locations where the following activities will be done:

    • Indian Path – The whole team must pass through a zigzag-shaped 15 meter long strap
    • Wooden Bar Walker: Creating a tool, and then move a mate without touching it.
    • Ikarus: You need to move a mate in the air with ropes and snails, who has to build a brick tower but can’t touch the ground.
    • James Bond: You must pass through lines that symbolize laser beams without touching them.
  1. GPS Wine Search

If you like hiking in the nature, you are eager to taste the best wines of the Eger wine region, and you like orientation tasks, this is a fun program for you. We hide a good amount of high-quality wines in the area, appropriate to the size of the group. The coordinates of the location of the wines are programmed into GPSs and then the teams have to find the wines. At the beginning of the program, there is a common energizing game and during the search different obstacles must be overcome. For the search we provide 1 bottle of wine, mineral water and glasses for a group of 4 people.

  1. Vineyard RaceA little fun around grape and wine (outdoor-indoor)
    • Barrel darts: hit the middle of the barrel!
    • Wine recognition – Wine tasting
    • Cork Game
    • Wine Conquest: You must get the juice of the mountain hidden in the altitude.
    • Cellar labyrinth: get out of the dark, mold-covered, labyrinth cellar (only figuratively, of course)
  1. Free our companions! (outdoor-indoor)

The program can be adapted for large teams. Some of your colleagues have been kidnapped by professional criminals on behalf of your competitor. The reason was probably the acquisition of some important business secrets. Fortunately, the hostages managed to leave a trail so that the team can start the search. Based on the clues and information obtained through secret channels, it is up to the team to acquire a special vehicle and then, if they successfully identify the location of the hostages, save them with that vehicle. In the meantime, the hostages are not passive either, if they are good enough, they can get out and be evacuated from the meeting point.

  1. The magic of glass

You can make the mountain adventure in Hungary complete by visiting a glass factory in Parádsasvár, where everyone can blow their own glass.

  1. Mountain scooter tour from Szilvásvárad
    • Kalapati lookout tower tour: distance 4 km, 50 minutes
    • Olaszkapu long tour: distance 14 km, 1,5 hours
  1. Evening quiz game

A team of 4-6 players, a game played in 2 rounds in which the team with the most points is rewarded. The duration of the game is 1,5-2 hours. The topic of the questions is prepared by prior arrangement.

Relax Park

Next to the hotel you will find Szalajka Relax Park with a multifunctional sports field (tennis, football, handball etc.), a 20-person unique wood-heated panoramic sauna house, a 9-hole mini golf course, and a Jacuzzi with beautiful panorama.

Opening hours: 8-20 pm (free of charge if appointment is arranged previously).

La Contessa Castle Hotel is located in Szilvásvárad, just 25 km from Eger. The Castle Hotel, once the property of the Pallavicini Marquis family, offers the elegance and tranquility of old times with 80 double rooms and a 650 m2 wellness area.

C) Guesthouse in Szilvásvárad

D) Tourist hotel in Szilvásvárad

The price of the tour is calculated after having discussed the specific services and programmes that are to be included.

Tour dates

April – October is usually a good time to stay in the national park. 

Guided activities

This mountain adventure in Hungary includes guided excursions. However you can always choose to do self-guided tours, in this case please contact us.


This tour includes lodging in a Guesthouse rating 4 sunflowers. Village atmosphere, fully equipped rooms with bathroom, dining room, kitchen and unobstructed entrance. However you can always choose to book the tour with the other accommodation options. 

For who?

For all nature lovers. Recommended minimum age is 8 years. 

Group size

Minimum 8 participants need for guided tours, but you can apply for self-guided tours. In this case, our local hosts will explain you everything and give you maps and advises. Please ask information for special price.

Location & how to get here

This tour starts in Budapest. 


We will send you an email within 24 hours to confirm your request for a quote, and once we have agreed on the exact details, you can pay for your tour by bank transfer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

The Humtour Team

Tel: +36 30 292 9516

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