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CSR Team Building in Orfű

1 night / 2 days
Min. 8 participants

Our Charity CSR Team building Programs give executives the opportunity to combine corporate social responsibility with teambuilding. The key to achieve the goals is that participants can identify with the work and the organization they are helping. Therefore, we offer charity programs to our partners in various fields.

A useful charity work in Orfű – Husztót is repainting the hiking trails in the forest, which means easy physical work and gives the participants an opportunity to go on an excursion together. Those who hike a lot, know that in many parts of our country the signs are so old and hardly visible that at times it is very difficult to navigate in the forests. Hikers are grateful to those who hold templates, paints and brushes in their hands, thinking of those who love and protect nature just like them.

Husztót is a depopulated village in the Mecsek mountain. Its population has declined by 2 to 8 people per year over the past 20 years. Currently, fewer than 50 people live in the village. In 2014, a new settlement development strategy was prepared for the village, one of the priorities of which is the utilization of the tourism potential of the settlement. To establish a physical relationship between Orfű and Husztót is part of this strategy. The hiking trail ends at a tourist hut currently under development.

How is the CSR training program built up?

Upon arrival, we will introduce the sites and the actors involved in tourism development. The group is led by members of the local Green Active Social Cooperative who are also involved in the development.

The program will address social and environmental issues and solutions several times.

The group will make 4 to 6 smaller boards, and in the course of a 4 to 5-hour hike, they place the boards, and repaints the signs of the hiking trail on the trees.

Accommodation: Pension in Orfű in three-star rooms and apartments.

Catering: Full board with organic and other local products.

Program options to choose from and to schedule at the requested time:

  • Local product tasting at the end of the hike
  • Wild plant cooking workshop
  • Gastro Experience Program (pálinka or wine tasting)
    • Pálinka Academy with Edit Krizl Master of Pálinka, Issuer of International Pálinka Certifications. The Brill Pálinka House offers pálinka for tasting, and an interesting 2-hour-long presentation on the topic of pálinka culture.
    • Wine University, with Tibor Gonda academic lecturer. Specialties of Southern Transdanubia, great wines of small wineries of the Pannon Wine Region (Szekszárd, Villány, Pécs, and Tolna). 10-item wine tasting with unlimited wine consumption.
  • Horse-drawn carriages: Participants can test their ability to drive a carriage.
  • Bread making workshop with the local guerrilla baker, who knows almost everything about good bread and shares it in an interactive way. You can make up to 5-6 different types of bread together, get to know the peasant muffin, or bake a nice big langalló with sour cream and onion. The program can fit into one of your lunches or dinners, in that case, we will make a larger amount of food. (HUF 30 000 / per group)
  • Cave Tour in overalls: The cold is not an obstacle (the temperature in the cave is always around 14-18 degrees), but if the autumn becomes very rainy, the caves will become impassable. A real adventure tour, just for the brave. Groups of about 10 to 12 people can visit the cave at the same time. Cave researchers in Orfű provide expert staff and full equipment.

The price of the team building is calculated after having discussed the specific services and programmes that are to be included.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

The Humtour Team

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