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GPS adventure tour and cheese making, farm visit & gastronomical pleasures at the foot of Vértes mountain

Program options:

GPS adventure tour with visit to the vineyard, forest walk, map guided tour 

Splitting into teams, you and your team embark on an exciting quest for virtual caches, solving puzzles for clues to find the next cache using location coordinates. Using free apps and smartphones, the Geocaching challenge makes for a fun and engaging experience and addresses key values of dynamism and team work effectively.

Walking tour on the farm

Interesting facts about the daily operation of the farm, farming methods, processing of milk and meat. Visiting the cheese factory, introducing the cheese making process

Cheese making workshop with the help of a master cheese maker from the farm’s cheese factory. Everyone makes about 250-300 grams of cheese with a chosen flavour, which at the end of the day, after pressing, they can take with them when they leave.

3-course generous lunch with a variety of options (appetizer – cheese selection, guinea fowl soup; main course – oven-roasted pig, pork sausage, black pudding, beef stew; dessert – homemade strudel with chimney cake baked on charcoal)

In a local winery we can have an insight into the everyday life of a winery and where everybody can enjoy wines and musts fitting best his or her taste. This has been a winegrowing area from the 9th century and you can hear legends about the winemaking and the development of this wine region as well.

Free creative handicraft program: learn the skills of leatherworking and blacksmithing. Our hosts preserve and keep alive many of the ancient craftsmanship techniques. The knives from the husband’s smithy are beautifully complemented by the ornamented leather cases his wife makes for them.

The programmes included in the offer are optional and can be discussed based on group needs and preferences to make your team building excperience in Hungary as exciting or relaxing as you prefer.

If required, accommodation in a hotel or ecotourism centre can be arranged. A projector and a community room are available at the accommodation.

On request, the programme can be implemented in 1-day, 1- or 2-night versions.

The price of the team building is calculated after having discussed the specific services and programmes that are to be included.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Contact info:

The Humtour Team
Tel.: +36 30 292 9516
Email: info@humtour.com

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