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Social Responsibility Teambuilding
in Fenékpuszta

On this exciting and unique team building experience you can focus on environmental awareness and the protection of the nature, while Corporate Social Responsibility is also a good excuse for employees to get to know each other better outside their everyday office environments thus building a more efficient and cohesive working team.

Due to human activities the size of natural habitats has gradually decreased in the past decades. Deforestation has replaced natural forests with managed forests or agricultural lands. Most of the wetlands have been drained thus altering the ecosystem.


The two-day long environmental team building programme is organized in a way that the training contributes to the prevention of further deterioration of the Hungarian natural environment and that the teams will help the work of the bird protection station at Lake Balaton’s western basin through volunteering. Besides social responsibility and team building the programme also includes short expert presentations and workshops.

How does the schedule look like?

After arrival we present the work of the bird conservation association and the bird protection station.
During the programme we will talk about natural habitat and species preservation projects as well as about environmental protection issues and possible solutions.

The team will form working groups and will perform the following activities by taking turns:

1st station – Canoeing – Cleaning the reed and presentation of the bird conservation station, bird banding
2nd station – Reconstruction of natural habitat, northern location
3rd station – Renovation of bird flight constructions
4th station – Reconstruction of natural habitat, southern location
5th station – Refurbishment of the storage roof
6th station – Brainstorming and drafting of an action plan for improving the communication of bird protection organization

These environmental team building activities contribute to the accomplishment of the following goals:

Creating a safe environment for injured birds and facilitating the storage of equipment and materials required for their feeding.
Reconstructing the habitat of protected orchids (20-30 species) thus saving them
Cleaning the reed from a canoe
Promoting bird protection.


Lunch will be provided by the local food bar that is preparing a two-course lunch from organic and local ingredients. Special dietary needs will be taken into account.


1. At a campsite in Keszthely, in bungalows with 4 and 2 beds. Breakfast and dinner included.
2. At Helikon Hotel in Keszthely with buffet breakfast and dinner. There is swimming pool, Finnish sauna and gym available for guests along with a Wifi network at the common spaces of the hotel.

If requested a welcome gift package can be compiled for the guests that includes:

● Bird-friendly garden calendar with seasonal suggestions for bird-friendly gardening practices,
● Vitreous enamel badge with bird motives,
● Wooden pencil case with bird motives,
● Bird of the year bookmark, sticker and card calendar.

The programmes might alter depending on the dates and on the emerging tasks at the bird protection station. The price of the team building programme is calculated in accordance with the requested services and programmes.

If you have questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me!

With regards:

The Humtour Team
Tel.: +36 30 292 9516
Email: info@humtour.com

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