Team building in nature at Szilvásvárad, Szarvaskő, Parádsasvár

Eco-Park Pension, Campsite and Adventure Park

1 night / 2 days
Day One

Arrival to the Eco-Park Pension at Szarvaskő.

9:30 Orientation at the pension. The hosts will serve coffee, tea, homemade syrups, cookies and fruits for the guests.
10:30 Departure to Szilvásvárad where the team will participate in a GPS adventure trip: they will have to find specific locations and landmarks with the help of a GPS and a map.
13:30 Lunch at Szilvásvárad at Fenyő Restaurant.


15:00 The team building adventure in nature continues with a mountain roller tour from Szilvásvárad to Olaszkapu. Long tour: the distance is 14 km and it will take around 1,5 hours.
18:00 Departure to Szarvaskő, refreshments and resting before dinner.
19:00 Dinner with the following menu:

A: Aperitif (homemade pálinka from forest fruits), traditional Hungarian pandour’s soup from the Bükk Mountains with forest mushrooms, crispy roasted drumsticks with spicy mashed potato, homemade pickles, homemade dessert.
B: Aperitif (homemade pálinka from forest fruits), chicken soup with wide strip noodles, bundles (with smoked sausage, vegetables and cheese) with rice, homemade dessert.

Optional programmes for the evening:
20:00 Karaoke or pub quiz.
The pub quiz is organized for teams of 4-6 people. It is played in two rounds and the group that has obtained the most points wins the prize. The game lasts for 1,5-2 hours and will be based on previously agreed topics.
20:00 Night spa at the Demjén Thermal Bath.

Day Two

8:00-10:00 Breakfast
Buffet breakfast with local goods and with specialties from Szarvaskő, for instance, homemade rosehip jam and different types of locally produced honey.

10:00 Departure to Parádsasvár.
11:00 The magic of glass:
Visit to the glass manufacture at Parádsasvár where everyone will have the chance to create their own glasses or mugs. The programme lasts for 2 hours.

The programmes in the offer are optional and could be readjusted to specific demands or needs of our guests following a personal consultation.

The price of the team building programme is calculated in accordance with the requested services and programmes.

Contact details

Ágnes Szabó-Diószeghy
+36 70 419 0333

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